Photo by Katrina Wright / Unsplash

We believe knowledge is power. However, without action, knowledge is just potential energy. ZAP aims to help children turn knowledge into action, action into habits, and habits into a foundation that ensures stability when change is happening all around them and also within them. ZAP turns knowledge into kinetic energy to power them through life.

These positive habits developed over months and years will help our children cope with the emotional rollercoaster of growing up, passing through the chaos of puberty, and the challenges of entering adult life.

Our focus is on developing habits for the following key areas:

  • Mental wellbeing;
  • Physical activity; and
  • Energy, which includes nutrition and sleep

To succeed in this endeavor, we need to meet children where they currently spend their time, namely the digital world. We will leverage the tools that engage and excite them, relying on the latest research to deliver the desired long term health outcomes.

We aim to do this by taking advantage of the benefits that gaming and social media can deliver, while building in stringent controls to prevent the harm those very same tools can produce.

Safety of our children is crucial to every decision we make covering all areas of:

  • Protection of personal data;
  • Anonymity within the app; and
  • Anti-bullying measures.